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Classified Ads Submission - Washtenaw Psychology Society

Welcome to the WPS classified ads submission system!

We are offering 2 months of advertising placements for $50 to members, and $65 to non-members.

Here are some best practices for your ads.
  • Fill out the form as much as possible. The more fields that are entered, the more information people will be able to see to reach out to you.
  • It's better to fill out each field rather than to put all of the information in just the description. This makes ads look nicer, contact information is easier to find, and it makes things more consistent across the board. 
  • When adding information to the description, of the ad, do not simply copy and paste (ctrl/ + v) into the box from another source. Word processors like Microsoft Word and Google Docs add extra code to their programs to make things appear a certain way. If you want to copy and paste, we recommend the "Paste as Plain Text" option in the toolbar. The shortcut for this is Ctrl + Shift + v on Windows and ⌘(Command) + Shift + v on Mac. This ensures that all extra HTML is stripped out from the text. You can then use the toolbar options to format their description with links, bold, italics, etc as needed.
  • If you have a page on an external site that talks about the ad in more detail, put a link to that page in the "Website Address" field. People will be able to click on that link when they view the ad.
  • We ask that you not upload images to your description, but rather to the photo upload module.
  • File uploads are recommended when your description exceeds 1 page of text.
Want us to design your advertisement? Inquire with Stefan to get a quote for your ad. Rates start at $35.